Saturday 24 August 2013

The Swinging Painting Series inspired by the Chinese Yin and Yang theory and my experience of moving around from countryside to town, town to city, and country to country. I am using the circular (shape) or the sphere (volume) as a symbol of unity, to be whole is also a way of unification, the disciplinary and culture into one. 
Additionally, to express my experience of moving around, rolling over and over and the feeling of restlessness and being unstable, all circular objects are restless and unstable characteristics. Chinese traditions and beliefs are that the circle is the sky and the land is square, ‘Earth’ was represented by a square and ‘Heaven’ by a circle, it refers to ‘Tian Yuan Di Fang’ (Chinese simplified: 天圆地方).                                                                                                                               

London 2013 (I), ∅33 cm, Chinese ink and colour on rice paper, sold
My work seeks to document and explore the remaining landscape of the British Empire and contemporary landscape, in the urban cities, for example London. My work has always been autobiography, a visual exploration of my feeling and a reflection of where my life is at any given moment.
Taking these environment and turning them into the ‘bird’s eye view’ through drawing, monoprint, painting and etching, looking at the pattern and layout of these space.  I wish to observe these environment from the different perspective as a foreign immigrant by adding the image  of myself swinging above these environment, trying to fit the unexpected model or behaviour into our unwelcome foreigner environment of everyday life and see how the environment response to the external influence.                                        

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Up coming show at The Institute of Physics with Riverside Artist Group, From 7th May - 18th July 2013.
Private view 7th May Tuesday 6:30pm- 8:30pm. Please come visit us and have a drink.

Thursday 25 April 2013

My work selected to participate ‘Compendium of Malaysian Art (COMA)’ which will showcase the best of Malaysian art at the Art Basel Hong Kong 2013. If you are in Hong Kong by any chance, please pop in.

Tuesday 20 March 2012


Opening up the doors in the heart of Notting Hill, POP UP is transforming the domestic home into a temporary exhibition space to showcase some of London’s most exciting artistic talent. Bridging the gap between gallery and home, the exhibition takes art out of the convent...ional gallery space and brings it into a more private yet everyday setting.

POP UP have personally sourced unique and inspiring artworks from artists including Tooney Phillips, Rakerman, Jemima Burrell, Tahnee Lonsdale, Ernest Zacharevic, Harriet Porter and Yuet Yean Teo for you to view and potentially hang in your own home (or someone else's!)

We would be delighted if you would join us at the POP UP Private View on Thursday 22nd March 6 - 9pm to share a glass with us and view the fabulous artworks that are all for sale.
The show commences Friday 23rd – 25th March (10.00 – 18.00) 
26a Ladbroke Gardens, London, W11 2PY

POP UP | Ladbroke Gardens endeavors to create an intimate show within a unique and personal environment and we hope that you will be able to Pop In at one point during the exhibition.


Final Piece

Progress 3

Progress 2

Progress 1

Tuesday 7 June 2011

The concept of my work, which derives from my personal experience, is the city. In my own practice, I explore light and shadow, employing structures or compositions in interior and exterior spaces. I am particularly fascinated by both natural and unnatural light. From my personal point of view, light is a symbol of hope and shadow is replete with mystery.

More specifically, light and shadow are of importance to my own thought processes. I believe they can explain mental states, and in my own works, these qualities are reflections of how I envisage the future. Bright light helps me to depict the desire for a bright future, whereas the darkness of the shadow expresses anxiety about an uneasy and disorienting future. Creating such work is one of the methods I use to document life. Through the interplay of light and shadow, brightness and darkness, an impression of the endless is mediated, imbuing the work with a sense of the mysterious. The nebulous quality of my works also reflects my curiosity about the future and its unpredictability as well as recording the subtle shades of everyday experience in the world. Those features that appear commonplace are used as metaphor for the places we occupy when navigating the problems thrown up by the everyday world. Each piece of work threads together aspects of everyday life as reflected in many environments in London. The recurring subject matters in my works are images of tunnels, alleys, and the rivers (all of which feature darkness and luminosity).

Through my work I seek an opportunity to offer the viewer a feeling of mystery and melancholy but I also hope viewers will make other associations and find other meanings.